Two People lyrics

        Two people song lyrics by Anjan Dttu

Title:Two People
Anjan Dutt

Two people, living together for so long.
Giving each other a song.
How could something go wrong?
How could she end up just crying?
And the flowers, they tumbled and fell without a sound.
As the china crashed to the ground.
As this prepare with silence all around.
And the sky rolling dark outside.
Two pillows, with memories of passionate nights.
Silently witnessed the fights.
And the shimmering kerosene light.
Each burning with selfish desire.
And the night quit past their broken face.
The pale moon hid behind the clouds.
And each one waited for the miracle to happen.
But God didn’t speak out aloud.
And the morning, it came with a pale yellow light.
As he packed his bags and he sighed.
As he walked to the door, she denied.
The words that burned in her eyes.
Eh that’s no way to say Goodbye


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