The Path That Divides lyrics

The Path That Divides lyrics by Dream Theater

Dream Theater is an American progressive metal band.


This band is really outstanding.





Vocalist-Kevin James LaBrie


Bass Guitar-John Ro Myung


Lead Guitar-John Peter Petrucci


Drum Kit-Michael Mangini


Keyboardist-Jordan Rudess



The Path That Divides lyrics by Dream Theater

Title:The Path That Divides
Band:Dream Theater
The evening stars shine brightly
Over Heaven’s Cove
As night descends in silence
The faded scene unfolds
Consumed with trepidation
Arhys hears his brother’s voice
As you’re facing the path that divides
Ah, I will always be here by your side
I feel my pulse begin to raise
Beads of sweat drop down my face
I have made a grave mistake
What have I done?
My blood for my son
It’s not too late
I won’t betray him
I knew the day had come
And you could be tempted
To give up the chosen one
And finally end this
Do anything for your son
A terminal weakness
Now you’re as good as done
I didn’t have a choice
And I was defenseless
I didn’t believe his voice
The fighting was senseless
But now I can see the truth
I’ve got to my senses
I shouldn’t have trusted you
Arhys was never aware
His son had followed them there
Confused and deathly afraid
X watched his hero be brave
On the path that divides
You were there by my side
There will be no betrayal tonight
I’ve found courage and strength
In the words you once sang
Taunting truth from the lies on the path that divides
You dare defy the prince?
Well you just threw your life away
Along with Xander’s dreams
You chose the wrong man to betray
Two holy warriors clash in the shadows of the night
But that’s the cost with every fight
And Arhys’ fight for her
Cost him his very life

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