Mr Sinister Lyrics

Mr Sinister Lyrics by Powerwolf

Powerwolf is a German power metal band.


Founded in 2003 in Saarbrücken.




Vocalist-Attila Dorn


Bass Guitar-David Vogt


Lead Guitar-Matthew Greywolf


Drum Kit-Stefan Funèbre


keyboardist-Christian Jost



Mr Sinister Lyrics by Powerwolf

Title:Mr Sinister 
You got your hands to raise your fist
See the laughter from its raise
Can you resist me little sister
Can you resist the devils raise
And whatever god may tell you
Every soul would have it’s praise
One day you’ll come to sell me yours my dear
And the time has come to us
Mr sinister mr sinister mr sinister
Come hear the wisper from the sinner
From the son and only ghost
“And devouring” love in heaven
In the end you’ll pray the ghost
And wherever you will run to
And wherever you may hide
They will be always stay, my friend
From the evil “by your side”
Mr sinister mr sinister mr sinister
It can be nowhere
The time “will say you what i know”
The time is over
And now you wait “love in your door”
Come hear the wisper mr sinister mr sinister
Mr sinister mr sinister mr sinister

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