Lupus Dei Lyrics

Lupus Dei  Lyrics by Powerwolf

Powerwolf is a German power metal band.


Founded in 2003 in Saarbrücken.




Vocalist-Attila Dorn


Bass Guitar-David Vogt


Lead Guitar-Matthew Greywolf


Drum Kit-Stefan Funèbre


keyboardist-Christian Jost



Lupus Dei  Lyrics by Powerwolf

Title:Lupus Dei 
Cantus lupus
Satura luna
Corpus nudus domina
Agnus totus
Animus mortus
Ave deus sinistra
Cultus lupus
Opus damnatus
Metus mortis nocturna
Terra sanguis
Padre occultus
Sanctus pupus anima
Dark is the day
God of the grey
Born to obey
All they will say
Mine is the way
Fall down and pray
Hey, hey, wolves don’t pray!
Symbols of pain
Out in the rain
Sent to remain
The harvest of the grain
Mine is the blame
The curse of the sane
Hey, hey, wolves don’t pray!
Ahh – Lupus dei

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