Lithuania National Song Lyrics,

Lithuania National Song Lyrics,

Lithuania National Anthem Lyrics,

Lietuva, tòvyne m•s- lrics


Lietuva, tòvyne m•s-, tu didvyri- Ïeme!

I” praeities tavo s•n•s te stipryb´ semia. Tegul tavo vaikai eina vien takais dorybòs, Tegul dirba tavo

naudai ir Ïmoni- gerybei.

Tegul saulò Lietuvos tamsumus pra”alina Ir “viesa, ir tiesa m•s Ïingsnius telydi. Tegul meilò

Lietuvos dega m•s- “irdyse.

Vardan tos Lietuvos vienybò teÏydi.


Lithuania, my homeland, land of heroes!

Let your sons draw strength from the past.

Let your chidren follow only the path of virtue,

working for the good of their native land and for all mankind.

Let the sun banish all darkness from Lithuania,

with light and truth always guiding our steps.

Let the love of Lithuania burn in our hearts

And for the sake of our country, let unity blossom.

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