Killers Are Quiet Lyrics

Killers Are Quiet  Lyrics by Slipknot

Slipknot is an American heavy metal band.


One of the most famous bands in world band music history.




Vocalist-Corey Taylor


Bass Guitar-Alessandro Venturella


Lead Guitar- Mick Thomson


Drum Kit-Jay Weinberg



Killers Are Quiet  Lyrics by Slipknot

Title:Killers Are Quiet
Cycle of life and death supposedly
Goes ’round and ’round yet it stops with me
Glorious hunter of my faith I have sinned
Killers are quiet like the the breath of the wind
Filling the shadows with forms of my own
Raised by kindred of Get I was born
Abomination world in disarray
Killers are quiet when they seek the vitae
Reflection beckons a portal shard
Spiritual quest I must stay in guard
Stepping sideways betweens worlds I shift
Killers are quiet when they are born with the gift
Beautiful Anguish cast out by my race
Now one that’s Ageless I save my own face
I write my own laws with Death I break bread
Killers are quiet when they come from my head
There’s a dog loose in the wood
Dogfish rising
It’s good for gnawin’
Right wing interlude
In the 1990s
That’s got a nice groove to it, here
Thank you
I saw human hand
Windmills like two
Something’s at my left
Screaming through their muzzles
Postniff scrutchies?
Dogfish rising
Burn ’em for their nipples
Another rubber Rolex
So skinny, I knows
Rookie lurks
Battery-powered power tool
God spokes to me
Dogfish rising
Blistering cabbage
That dogfish is dead
Don’t even bother taping, fuck this
Bring me this band
Crusty fuzzy nuts, bye.

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