Intro to Scythian Suite lyrics

Intro to Scythian Suite lyrics by Metallica

Metallica is an American Heavy Metal band.


one of the most popular bands in the world.





Vocalist & Guitarist-James Hetfield


Bass Guitar-Robert Trujillo


Lead Guitar-Kirk Hammett


Drum Kit-Lars Ulrich



Intro to Scythian Suite lyrics by Metallica

Title:Intro to Scythian Suite
Welcome, welcome, welcome, welcome
Welcome, welcome, welcome
Welcome, welcome, welcome
To the second act of the second show
I would like to…
But a very very warm welcome to all the Metallica Club members
Who have descended upon San Francisco from all over the world
Coming here to share in this incredible and unique experience
Thank you Metallica Club members for coming
You can applaud yourself!
There you go!
How many countries do we count here?
Let’s see, I see our Polish friends over here
Our German friends
Our Mexican friends
Our Swedish friends
Costa Rica, Turkey
Denmark, you are beautiful
You are beautiful and thank you
Brazil in the house right there
That’s right
Yeah, I got pretty good grades in Geography back in the day
France, Israel
Is that Panama? Ish? No
And I also wanna thank everybody in San Fransisco
For welcoming the Metallica fans
And making them all feel at home
See if you can keep that applause going as long as you did for “Memory”
I’ll be back in 5 minutes
I also wanna thank Edwin Outwater, the resident conductor
Of the San Francisco Symphony for doing an incredible job
Through the first half
Please give it up, Edwin
And now it’s my great great honor
To ask you to join me in welcoming the musical director of the San Francisco Symphony
25 years running
A dear friend of mine, a dear friend of Metallica, a dear friend of San Fransisco
The one, the only Michael Tilson Thomas, give it up!
The stage is all yours
I’m going home
Thank you, thank you, thank you, Professor Lars
Before we go any further ladies and gentlemen
I want to give a special recognition and big bow
For one of the world’s greatest orchestras, the San Francisco Symphony
Because not only did they have the chops to play this and do this
They have the guts and the spirit to do it
Which is awesome
So, also I wanna thank Lars, James, Kirk, Roberto
For having the incredible courage and vision to imagine this event
Coming back 20 years later and happening tonight
So we want to play one piece for you
Where you just get to hear the orchestra all by itself
And in many conversations Lars and I have had about classical music
We talk about all the different spirits there in it
And it goes back 1200 years, so it’s accomplished a lot
In the history of civilization
And this piece that we’re playing you know, is one of those moments
In which classical music and heavy metal sort of fuse and combine
And it’s from, this piece called Scythian Suite
So what do you need to know about the Scythians?
Well, if you were in Central Asia, in 700 BC
They were the people to know
What do we know about them?
They were masters of horses
They were tribal
They wore elaborate metallic object decorations
And they were very heavily into tattoos
So we thought you would like this dance
Which is the dance of the ecstatic spirits of the night

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