In The Presence Of Enemies Part 1 Lyrics

In The Presence Of Enemies Part 1 Lyrics by Dream Theater

Dream Theater is an American progressive metal band.


This band is really outstanding.





Vocalist-Kevin James LaBrie


Bass Guitar-John Ro Myung


Lead Guitar-John Peter Petrucci


Drum Kit-Michael Mangini


Keyboardist-Jordan Rudess



In The Presence Of Enemies Part 1 Lyrics by Dream Theater

Title:In The Presence Of Enemies Part 1
Band:Dream Theater
I saw a white light
Shining there before me
And walking to it
I waited for the end
A final vision
Promising salvation
A resurrection
For a fallen man
Do you still wait for your God
And the symbol of your faith?
Why can free you from this hell and misery?
You should never be ashamed, my son
Why can give you power beyond anything?
Trust me you will be the chosen one
I was forgotten
A body scorned and broken
My soul rejected
Tainted by his blood
Beyond redemption
A sinner not worth saving
Forever taken
From the one I loved
Do I still wait for my God
And a symbol of my faith?
Why can lead you down the path and back to life?
All I ask is that you worship me
Why can help you seek revenge and save yourself?
Give you life for all eternity
Servants of the fallen
Fight to pave the way
For their saviour’s calling
For this wicked day
Through a veil of madness
With a vicious blade
One man rises up
Standing in their way
Redemption for humanity

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