I Ain’t Superstitious Lyrics

I Ain’t Superstitious Lyrics by Megadeth

Megadeth is an American heavy metal band formed in Los Angeles in 1983.


One of the most famous bands in world band music history.




Vocalist-Dave Mustaine


Bass Guitar-David Ellefson


Lead Guitar- Marty Friedman


Drum Kit-Nick Menza



I Ain’t Superstitious Lyrics by Megadeth

Title:I Ain’t Superstitious 
I ain’t superstitious when a black cat crosses my path
And I ain’t superstitious as I break the looking glass
Ain’t afraid of no demons, don’t make me laugh, ha-ha
I ain’t superstitious, under the ladder I go
And I ain’t superstitious, it’s all bullshit, don’t you know?
Ain’t afraid of the shadows, I like the dark anyway
And that’s a fact, ha!
And I ain’t superstitious, no such thing as bad luck
And I ain’t superstitious, I couldn’t really give a fuck
Take your stupid superstitions, find some other paranoidal
Chickenshit, sissy, worm and tell it to him
I ain’t superstitious
I ain’t superstitious
That’s right, one more time
Come on, shut your mouth
Listen up
Hey, it’s my turn

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