Hate lyrics

Tonight is the night, where lies are only alive
Burning all my memories, just to feel you dying
Get lost from my way, don’t make me see your face
or ever if you try to do you better suck my dick
You know what, you’re no more a virgin
My hate fucked you and I see that you are breaking
You don’t know, you don’t know, what is love
My HATE and my spit are all that you deserve
I’m here to break you, it’s an anthem of my HATE
Fake, lier, bloody whore, Go and Fuck yourself
Your worst nightmare is now coming true
Don’t look into my eyes
You are just someone I used to know
Your tears are so beautiful
and loneliness is my gift to you
It’s a pleasure for my demon inside
That you’re begging for love and
seeking for one last chance

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