God Of War Song Lyrics

God Of War Song
By Minerva Band
Album: Biday Shongbidhan
গড অব ওয়ার গানের লিরিক্স – God Of War Song Lyrics
Cursed and condemned by the oracle that night
His Blunder and blindness still haunt him inside
Enslaved by the gods he marched on all alone
The ghost of the Sparata
And soon he will crush and burn it all
Chased by the dreams, desperate
To eradicate the nightmare
Must he do everything that god said
But seems, no one
Every mighty gods can’t undo
What has already been preyed, Destruction
Slaughtering everyone in his way, for vengeance
Escaping certain death
Nothing is his death sentence, Destruction
Relently killing gods, annihilating titans
Shouting and screaming “I will make you suffer”
Losting all hpoe he feels the emptiness
And hatred, Impossible brutality impossible brutality
And thus how he said and conquired as the god of war
(Toh Telos, Arizhi Toh Telos, Arizhi Telos) – Greek
Hey, you will not see end of the day
I will kill you no time to play
You will not see end of the day
I will kill you no time to play
Losing everything it’s only loneliness
Killing himself for vengeance
Concluding the madness
And thus how he ended
The tale of God of War

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