Blood Of Italia Lyrics




 Title:Blood Of Italia

 Band Minerva
Album: Biday Shongbidhan

A parasite, to the ornation
Of a society so vague I am
Enthroned to reign
Over at the sleight of a puppet thoughts
With a fingertip
Fear they do
The blood of italia
Demon to them
Yet an angel so divine
War, they call upon me
Hellfire burn inside
Judas, they quiver in
Despire my wrath resides
Gunshot, Iput you out of your misery
An eye for an eye
Justice, is served to your breath as
You cease to exist
Righteous kill I put you out of your your misery
You beg for your sentience
Worthless life is all you have now
I’ll break your own vivacity
Ruthlessness that draws near
A shotgun i cannot evade
Demon to you demon to you all
Oh yes an angel so divine
Oh you never seek abyss
Seek an abaddon
You deceive with your pseudo tie
Obsidian mask
Obsidian reason
And the darkened war is all you gonna get
Domination all I seek
Destruction all I breathe
Liberation all i crave
Indoctrination in your grave

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