BANDRA BLUES lyrics by Anjan Dttu

Anjan Dutt

I still recall the old hall in the hills
And the grand old piano with the good old keys
And the same old song that you played on and on and on
Your fingers stained with yellow nicotine
I always lost the key to the melody halfway
But the pain of your cane on my little palm
Got me back on the track every Friday
The song of my life Mr Brown
500 Miles
The same old sing on and on every Friday
No matter what the weather, month or date
And the summer slowly faded into winter
With adolescent dreams and fancies in
My head
But the journey forever it wasconstant
We tripped and stumbled yet carried on
And the 100 miles have turned into a million
But I’m still carrying on Mr Brown
Oh the fragrance of hills on my eyes
And the friendly whiff of Brandy in your breathe
As the years went by the toffees in my pocket
Turned into the packets of Cigarettes
Then one fine day your piano turned silent
We bowed our head and sang different song
You put me on the road to my horizon
And halfway disappeared Mr Brown


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