A New Beginning lyrics

A New Beginning lyrics by Dream Theater

Dream Theater is an American progressive metal band.


This band is really outstanding.





Vocalist-Kevin James LaBrie


Bass Guitar-John Ro Myung


Lead Guitar-John Peter Petrucci


Drum Kit-Michael Mangini


Keyboardist-Jordan Rudess


A New Beginning lyrics by Dream Theater

Title:A New Beginning
Band:Dream Theater
Father, I implore you
Don’t believe a word
He is not the enemy
That is just absurd
You may see his talent
As some kind of threat
But I knew we were meant to be
From the day we met
Give us both a chance
For a new beginning
Nothing would mean more to me
He is just a man
Can’t you show him mercy?
Sympathy and strength go hand in hand
This man’s a fraud and a hoax
He’ll only shatter your hopes
Saddest of all is to watch
How you fall for this person who you hardly know
Ignorant, stubborn
You have no respect
Not just for her flesh and blood
That I knew you’d protect
Listen without judgement
Keep an open mind
If you cannot see the truth
You’re the one who’s blind
We don’t stand a chance
That is his opinion
Mother, can you talk to him?
Try to understand
How they must be feeling
Misery’s to know what might have been
Why would I ever concede
To listen to this fool
How can you be so naive?
You must be living in a world of make-believe
Do you really think this charlatan is who he claims to be?
Not long ago there was a time and place
You two possess the same desires as faythe
You knew how it felt to feel invisible
Music calmed your soul, just like a drug
Remember, bug?
Father is it true
Bug was always you?
Finally I can reveal how music makes me feel
Now you understand
Why I was hiding
This changes everything
I would like a chance
For a new beginning
In the end the final word
Is with me

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